I have been researching in to the way the human eye works and how this responds to colour and the colour space associated with the visual spectrum.  Some of my research in the early stages was to prove things right – that is, to make sure that my work was consistent with well-known theories like Newton’s Inverse Square law.  I set up a lux meter and a tunsten light and measured the distance and the lux reading.  I did the same with a candle.  This was not to prove Newton wrong, more to make sure that my equipment was working properly and that I understood these laws.  The fewer anomolies there are at the beginning, the easier it is to troubleshoot when results come back different to what you expected. 

A large area of my research is to understand and assemble electronics – potentiometers, LED, resistors and so on.  There is more information about these in the projects area and the modern technology page too. 

Use the links to the right side to select an area of physics that have been a part of my studies.


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