Shakespeare performances, July 2009

Well, the preparations have begun for the shows in July which  will also be my final assessment of my MA.  I’m excited at the prospect of having a large audience to design for – each show will seat 250 people. 

I’m currently looking at LED fixtures that will make up the most of the light on stage.  Selador by ETC are currently offering 7 colour mix fixture.  If I couldn’t achieve the right colour with that, I don’t know what would work!  There are some other fixtures on the market too.  The problem with the Selador one is that they’re not being released until end of July. 

 You can see some of the experiments I have done with some RGB fixtures and OWG hand-made LED boards.

Lastly, I’m going to make some hand-held lanterns with LEDs in.  From my previous experiments, I know the colours of the LEDs.  Although these are not a true metamer or candle-light, they will reflect very little and so the colour the audience look at is more important in this case.  I’m going to look at using silicone or something similar that can be dyed to create the shape of the candle then the wiring can fit inside.  I need to make sure the colours blend enough as I will be using a combination of orange, white and green.  I don’t want one side of the candle to be green and the other white etc!  Along with these will be some cressets to add grandeur to the audience entrance and also to the stage.  These will have LEDs in them and have a fan blowing material about to look like flames.

I’d love you to come and see the performance.  If nothing else, it’s set to be a great show.


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