Pulsar LED fixtures

I’ve done some tests on the Pulsar RGB LED Chroma flood fixtures using a spectroradiometer.  As predicted, I couldn’t match the colour of the tallow candle (0.534, 0.412) using 0-100 on the lighting software.  It was still very difficult using 0-255 but eventually, I got a match. 

I tested the different colour backgrounds under the same light.  Some of these have not produced a very good match – the orange and the marble are not very close but strangely, the red wasn’t a great math either despite there being lots of red in the mix.   I don’t know RGBAW would help this but I don’t know if my budget will allow it anyway…

The graph below show the tallow candle, the OWG mix and the RGB mix.  The darker colours like blue and green seem to mix well but Orange, Orange marble and red aren’t as good.  The RGB and OWG are almost at either ends of the tallow.  Maybe by mixing the two, they would produce the correct colour.


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